Finally! A Smart Way to Arbitrage Crypto Currencies

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Trade automatically through advanced data science and machine learning

The world’s most advanced arbitrage platform

Macchina allows you to seamlessly & automatically trade on your own accounts throughout every exchange on the platform. Wether you want to arbitrage small or large quantities, Macchina puts the power in your hands.

The world’s most advanced arbitrage platform

The world’s most advanced arbitrage platform


We are the first company to do crypto arbitrage right. With cutting edge data scientists, and the use of powerful computing algorithms we help you turn a guessing game into a systemized trading machine.

Accurate information

We stay up-to date with the exchange markets with thousands of data points (queries) analyzed per second. Macchina’s algorithms account for liquidity across exchanges in order to make sure your trade is viable.

State of the art technology

Using state of the art computing architecture Macchina’s technology transforms what is too much for a human mind to comprehend into the push of a button.


Automated Arbitrage Trading API

Either use Macchina’s trading engine or build your own trading bot with the most powerful crypto API.

Seamless Trading Between Exchanges

Taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities is one click away on Macchina. Build your own trading bot with the Macchina PRO API.

24/7 Customer Support

By your side 24 hours a day, our support team will assist you with any question you may have.


Automatic Market Updates

We analyze all relevant data in real time and bring you the most valuable actionable data you won’t find anywhere else.

Seamless Trading Between Currencies

Macchina takes care of everything: from checking the prices to issuing and cancelling orders on the exchanges.

Automatic SMS & Email Alerts

Stay on top of all arbitrage opportunities with our instant notifications. You choose Email, SMS, Telegram or all of them.