Is your website speed losing you sales & leads?

Automatically learn which pages are losing sales because of speed issues.

All test in just 1 place

Instead of running tests on multiple tools, test all your URL's at once in just 1 place.

No coding skills or analytics
training required.


Find out how much
you are losing.

Mobile & desktop optimization

With recommendations
from Google

Scheduled tests and reports

Plus alerts for critical issues,
via email or SMS

Metrics that matter

See how speed affects search
ranking and conversions

Be notified via Slack or email when
new tests are available

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I managed to run all my tests for both desktop and mobile on Macchina only, instead of going through WebPageTest, Google Page Insights and many others. It's awesome!

— John Doe

VP of engineering, Acme Company


Track speed difference before and
after website changes

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